Proserpina Park

is a beautiful and wonderful place with no screaming children, crowded spaces, or trash littered everywhere. The catch? The park residents might not be so welcoming.


“Clean, immersive sound design creates the unique experience of exploring Proserpina Park along with Alina and friends. Each episode brings more to learn about myths and legends, along with revealing a little more of the unfolding mystery. The dialogue manages the tricky task of being informative but not stilted, and the actors complement each other well. I’m ready to return to the park in season 2!” -Rae

“What I like about this is that it takes classic mythology (such as devil dogs) places them in two/three ways – firstly as manifestation of humanity’s imagination; secondly within a 21st Century relatable context and finally keeps their mythology real. Not only does this podcast explain the mythology it also does so as an audio-drama without coming off as a podcast where two or more hosts discuss stuff – it’s drama, that is grounded, and yet allows the imagination to run… Thoroughly enjoyable! Keep at it! Looking forward to episode 9 and more to come!” -Dokeo Podcast

“This is a really enjoyable and intriguing podcast. The main character Alina has a great delivery and the voice acting overall is terrific. I also like the use of music to set the mood, and the fx and foleys are really immersive and help to transport the listener to some fantastic places. Close your eyes and listen – you’ll see what I mean!” -BeyondtheDark



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