Meet the humans and park residents whose skills bring Proserpina Park alive.

Angela Yih

Director, Producer, Writer

Angela has always loved working in audio. She graduated from NYU 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Music and has since been working in entertainment and media. She currently works at Realm Media as the production coordinator.

Find more of her projects here:

Hoa Pham



Get to know her here:

Rebecca Liu

Sound Designer for Season 3

Rebecca is an audio editor and sound designer. When she’s not working, she’s busy trying to do the hobbies she actually likes instead of scrolling through her phone.

Learn more about Rebecca on her website!

Sara Roncero-Menendez

Season 2 and 3 Script Editor

Sara is a journalist, critic, book blogger and PR specialist. She is a published poet, comics writer, and essayist, and in her spare time, takes part in book challenges, crochets cute creatures, and spends too much time on journaling and TikTok.

Find more about her here: Sara’s Website

Skyler Giordano

Sound Designer for ep 30

Skyler kindly offered to help get season three started while working on his own podcast! Please give his work, Omega Star 7, a listen.

Find the show here:

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