Residents of Proserpina Park could not have been made without the help of our fans and other content creators. Please consider joining us on Patreon so we may continue to grow as a production.

Sound Effect Credits

Interested in our sounds?

This podcast uses many sounds from Freesound, for the full list click here. We also use sounds from Pro Sound Effects Library.


Our music is composed by Hoa Pham, find him here on his soundcloud or on his facebook.

Art Credits

Season 1 and 2 Cover Art

This season’s art is designed by Molly James, find her work here.

Series Logo

Our logo is designed by Macy Tang, follow her on her insta here.

Our Awesome Patrons

Kelly Brennan


William Huang

Rachel Rauch

Angeli Rafer

E.L. Thackwray

Hannah Steele

Tal Minear

Fred Greenhalgh

Aaron Auyeung

Kenneth Chen

Sam McDonald

Marcus Bagala

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