Meet the humans and park residents whose voices bring Proserpina Park alive.

Angela Yih

Voice of Alina, Podcast Creator

Having grown up on iconic shows like Scooby-Doo and her love of mythology and anime, Angela wanted to create a show with a little bit of everything and then some. Angela also loves to sing and discuss anime under different pseudonyms.

Contact her here:

Ashley Dawson

Voice of Drew

Ashley is a full time student of theatre and music and obsessive corgi mom. When not on the stage, she can be found behind the mic, teaching young artists, or searching for a new coffee shop to frequent. She is a firm believer in random acts of kindness, contagious smiles, and the necessity of every household having a canister of Old Bay.

Get to know her here:

Ben Pollizi

Voice of Junpei (Jun)

Ben is currently pursuing a degree in Musical Theatre at Heidelberg University! When not performing, he enjoys reading, listening to music, and is currently trying to learn more about video editing.

Contact Ben at: / Instagram


Voice of Kappa (S1), Vetala (S2)

Christine is trying to reconnect with her creative side as a way to counter the tedium and terror of the pandemic. In real life she may be a boring potato, but online she can be a soul-eating kappa.

Find her here:


Voice of Sam (S1), Bully (S2)

G3 is a human. He does things normal people do. Please do not ask many more question, we wouldn’t want him to hear us talking about him…

Hazel Alexia Bonilla

Voice of Aswang

Hazel is a full time psychology major student and a major weeb. If she’s not in a blanket cocoon watching anime, she can be found either doing her studies, being with her dog, or practicing voices for either a role or simply because she was alone and bored and tends to talk to herself a lot.

Follow her work here: Instagram / Twitter

Jess Syratt

Voice of Jessica

Jess is a full-time theatre student, part-time photographer, and professional silly goose. She is an award-winning playwright, amateur musician, and audio drama creator on the side. She can also be found admiring photos of raccoons and consuming unearthly amounts of black coffee.

Find more of her work here: jesssyratt on twitter


Voice of The Jersey Devil

Madi is a part time voice over, mainly involved with audio dramas. When she’s not doing that, she’s either gaming, cosplaying, doing photography, or learning languages.

Learn more about her here:

Maddie Shallan

Voice of Kitsune

Maddie is a full time acting student based in Los Angeles. She has been performing in theatrical productions for over 5 years now and loves everything Shakespeare and comedic. She loves to do accents and impressions and is currently branching out into voice overs and on screen acting. When she’s not acting, she loves to read, watch movies, eat, and play with her dog, Champ.

Find her here: Instagram


Voice of Terry

Molly is a chaotic mess just doing her best despite what her wilting plant babies may claim. When she’s not cozied up in her cottage baking cakes and petting cats, she can be found streaming or haunting local tea shops.

Find her adventures here: Instagram / Twitch

Sara Roncero-Menendez

Voice of Dog, S2 Script Editor

Sara is a journalist, critic, book blogger and PR specialist. She is a published poet, comics writer, and essayist, and in her spare time, takes part in book challenges, crochets cute creatures, and spends too much time on journaling and TikTok.

Find more about her here: Sara’s Website

Vida Shi

Voice of Mirai (The Narrator)

When Vida is not her cosplaying, idol-loving self, she is a part-time fairy vtuber learning to enjoy losing at video games on stream.

Follow her here:

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