Ep 09 – How to Find a Dragon

INTRO: (It’s about summertime. Mirai’s laptop hums almost as loud as the grasshoppers in the warm evening. “Proserpina Bop” bleeds through her headphones as she pulls up some files.) 

MIRAI: Last file was kinda a hot mess. Thinking about it again, they were both in the right to be mad, but technically Alina has more negative points since she’s also been lying to him… So I guess I’m on Sam’s side even though he could have said it nicer… No, you know what I’m not gonna pick a side, this is tough! I’m just gonna listen to the next file. 

SCENE STARTS: (“Proserpina Bop” transitions to the new scene. Alina returns to the park, itching to talk to Sam.)

ALINA: Hey guys, finding Sam today. I’m going to give him a piece of my mind. I just don’t get why he’s so scared to be friends— oh, Jun?

JUN: Alina! You gotta help me.

DOG: Alina, Jun is causing a commotion… 

ALINA: I thought we agreed over text that it’d be better if you didn’t come to the park.

JUN: Well yeah, but I’ve been thinking nonstop about it and it’s not fair that you and Drew get to go and explore whenever you want and I’m… I’m just stuck here with my dog!

ALINA: Don’t you love your dog?

JUN: Yeah, but it’s not fair, Dog is on your side!

MUSIC: (“Tell Me” plays.)

ALINA: She was the one to propose this so technically I’m on her side!

DOG: I fear this conversation is going nowhere…

ALINA: (sighs) Okay, how about, just to satisfy Jun’s curiosity, we take one trip to the park and after that, if you have any questions, you just ask me or Dog?

JUN: Deal! Let’s go!

ALINA: Hey, wait up! I’m just letting you know now, I have yet to see another alien so don’t get your hopes up…

JUN: I’m sure we can find something awesome and strange that is based off of our beliefs on alien lifeforms!

ALINA: Well, true… but neither of us are experts in this, maybe we can look for something we’re more familiar with?

JUN: I mean, there are stories told to us as kids. In Japan we’ve got like, all kinds of demons.

ALINA: (sighs) Uhh, I-I guess there’s the Kappa… She’s not all that friendly but I haven’t died yet. Would that be something you’d want to see?

JUN: Hmmm sure. It’s no alien but I guess it’d be cool to see something from childhood.

SOUND: (Background changes to the lake atmosphere) 

ALINA: She should be right at the lake, don’t get too close or she’ll try to touch your butt.

JUN: My butt? Oh right, our soul is supposed to be up there right? 

ALINA: Yes, which, by the way, is some freaky stuff.

JUN: Eh, people like butts, no big deal.


DOG: Apologies for breaking up the discussion, but I don’t believe the Kappa is here today.

ALINA: Ugh, what? Of all days?

JUN: Dang it, am I gonna see anything today? Let’s just go find more aliens!

ALINA: And how exactly are you going to do that? We need a plan. These creatures are supposedly dangerous, we can’t just be walking around.

JUN: What creature could both of us just happen to know enough about that won’t get us killed?

DOG: How about dragons?

ALINA/JUN: Dragons?

ALINA: Dog, are you crazy? You want us to find a monster, not a creature.

DOG: You both seem to know enough about them, thus I believe you will approach them with caution. If we do find a dragon, odds are we may even be too small for them to notice.

ALINA: That could be a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t want to be accidentally stepped on either.

DOG: Alina, I also believe if we are able to find such a grandiose creature, Jun will be completely satisfied with his curiosity and won’t come back. Don’t you agree Jun?

SOUND: (The gang leaves the pond area and return back to the park.)

JUN: Dragons… How did I not think of that? Which ones should we look for? The one— the ones from Asia can talk. Can the ones from Europe? Are there dragons from Africa? There must be, after all, dinosaurs were everywhere.

ALINA: Dinosaurs? What do dinosaurs have to do with all this?

JUN: Hello? Giant reptile-like creatures told in nearly all cultures around the world? What other species can you think of that can link all that together?

DOG: Yes, one of the biggest beliefs is that the existence of dragons is inspired by dinosaurs and other large animals that would not be widely known in the region. 

ALINA: Well dang… maybe Jun actually knows stuff.

DOG: Not to worry Alina, we can discuss the different kinds of dragons around the world, but I believe we can look for the Aztec Dragon God, Quetzalcoatl. He is the God of… well a lot of things, but let’s just say Wind and Wisdom. 

ALINA: Oh awesome! Sounds like a smart guy, he can’t be mean then, right?

MUSIC: (“We Can Meet Aliens” plays.)

DOG: His name means “feathered serpent.” It is said he was originally a serpent, representing the Earth and vegetation. When he was given feathers, his story began to grow. He mixed with other gods and took on their attributes, like wind, rain, and became associated with the morning star. Depending on which area, even his physical form changed. 

Some places believed him to be a hero who was human, wearing a white mask that only showed his beard or he himself was instead a Creation God. But regardless, many told of his kindness and his intelligence. It was he who gave the people maize, food to eat, and invented books and calendars for people to learn and study. 

JUN: Hold up, a serpent? (Whines) But that’s not a dragon.

DOG: The word “dragon” is derived from the Greek word “drakon” which meant large serpent. It’s really only in European countries do dragons vary more in physical forms. Actually Jun, while the dinosaur theory is popular, it can also be theorized that large reptiles like the crocodile inspired the mythology of the— 

JUN: Okay, okay, you win. It’s kinda weird getting a lecture from my dog.

ALINA: Please just… continue.

SOUND: (A hollow, cold tone creeps in, as if in space.)

DOG: He is always with his friend or twin brother, Xolotl, and together they are the Gods of the Morning and Evening Star. He has one other name, which has to do with him being a Creation God, which is the God of Death and Resurrection. 

ALINA: Wow, that’s quite the resume…

DOG: The story is that Quetzalcoatl was sent to get some bones from the underworld. However, the gods of the Underworld would only accept if he was able to make a sound from a conch shell with no holes. Quetzalcoatl was able to do it by getting worms to make an opening and have bees go in it to create sound. 

While that was created, he tried to leave, hiding the bones on him as he left. While the gods of the underworld tried to stop him from leaving, he ultimately succeeded, and used those bones with corn and his own blood, to create humans. 

ALINA: Wait, whose bones were those in the first place?

DOG: Oh, bones of previous Gods who had died.

 ALINA: Wow, that’s… that’s amazing.

SOUND: (The gang wanders far enough in the park to walk by a stream.)

JUN: Hey, as much as I like learning as well, how exactly can we find a God? It’s not exactly morning so we can’t see him in the sky, not sure how to get to the underworld really either, so what is your plan, Dog?

DOG: Remember what else I mentioned at the beginning? He was also the God of Wind and introduced maize to the humans. There’s a plot of land dedicated to agriculture, that’s a spot if any to meet him. If we follow the waters, we’ll find him.

ALINA: There’s enough space to farm as well? Just how big is this place?

DOG: Big enough to get lost for days if you’re not careful Alina. 

ALINA: (grimace) Duly note.

JUN: Hey Dog, got any more info on him, like what he looks like? It might help, although I guess if he’s a big feathery serpent you can’t really blend in…

DOG: He’s typically depicted as green, possibly with a rattle at the end of his tail if he’s in his serpent form.

ALINA: Hmm, what should we ask him if we see him?

JUN: Maybe we could ask him if he knew what the heck was up with 2012?

ALINA: Really?

JUN: What? Aren’t you curious? I want answers.

ALINA: Those were the Mayans, he’s an Aztec god.

DOG: Actually the Mayans also believed in him. So he would actually know that answer.

ALINA: Oh… wow.  Okay, let’s go find out then!

DOG: We should be close, we’ve been following the stream for quite some time now.

SOUND: (A creature rumbles in the distance.)

JUN: What was that?

MUSIC: (“Where Am I?” plays.)

ALINA: It came from the water, but— Oh My God DRAGON!

JUN: Is it the one we’re looking for?

JUN: Oh shit.

ALINA: Okay, we gotta go, go go!

SOUND: (Alina and the gang start to run as the unknown dragon approaches.)

JUN: Uh Dog? I thought you said that Quentacoat was friendly.

DOG: That, Jun, is not Quetzalcoatl.

JUN: Uh, It’s green, it’s giant, and it’s coming right for us. What is it then?!

SOUND: (The creature roars.)

ALINA: You guys! Look, a corn field, we can hide there. Maybe we’ll find the real Quetzalcoatl to save us or something.

JUN: OOh or maybe we’ll find—


JUN: Okay, okay. We’re in the field. Now what?

ALINA: I don’t know. I don’t see or hear anything. Dog, what was that?

DOG: Well, judging on its appearance and characteristics, it must be— 

OUTRO: (We abruptly return to Mirai. “Proserpina Bop” transitions back to her room, as her phone starts buzzing.) m.) 

MIRAI: Sorry, sorry, my brother just called! I guess he’s finally back in civilization, I’m going to talk to him now!

SCENE ENDS: (“Proserpina Bop” ends the episode.)

CREDITS: Residents of Proserpina Park is a production written and produced by Angela Yih. Directed by Angela Yih. The voice of the Narrator is Vida Shi. The voice of Alina is Angela Yih. The voice of Jun is Ben Pollizi. And the voice of Dog is Sara Roncero-Menendez. Dialogue editing by Angela Yih. Mixed and mastered by Angela Yih. Original music by Hoa Pham. Season 1 cover art by Molly James. Series Logo by Macy Tang. For more information about the show, please go to our website residentsofproserpinapark.com 

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