Ep 21 – Friend or Foe?

Dog once again wants to go looking for gods. Someone needs to tell her there are better ways to find out what the best dog food is.CREDITS: Residents of Proserpina Park is a production written and produced by Angela Yih. Directed by Angela Yih. The voice of Mirai is Vida Shi. The voice of the Japanese stranger is Zerreth. The voice of Alina is Angela Yih. The voice of Drew is Ashley Dawson. The voice of Jun is Ben Pollizi. The voice of Dog is Sara Roncero-Menendez. The voice of Anansi is Vincent Comegys-Davis . The voice of Jessica is Jess Syratt. And the voice of the Jinn is Ahmad “AJ” Joudeh.Dialogue editing by Angela Yih. Sound design by Rebecca Liu. Mixed and mastered by Angela Yih. Script edited by Sara Roncero-Menendez. Original music by Hoa Pham. Season 3 cover art by Molly James. Series Logo by Macy Tang. For more information about the show, please go to our website residentsofproserpinapark.com Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy
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SCENE STARTS: (We return to the very end of season 2 with Mirai and the Kitsune on the bus.)

KITSUNE: Are you ready to believe?



MIRAI: I don’t know who you are! We just met like half an hour ago and now you’re inviting me to take me somewhere super suspicious. I’ve heard of scary movies! I know what’s going to happen.

KITSUNE: Don’t you mean you’ve seen scary movies?

MIRAI: No! They’re too scary to watch!

KITSUNE: Oh dear… So what are you going to do then?

MIRAI: I’m sticking to my original plan! I’m going to head to town and see if anyone’s seen my brother.

KITSUNE: You’re going to go into town… 

MIRAI: Uh, yes? What’s wrong with that?

KITSUNE: Well, probably nothing. But here. Take this. It wouldn’t be fun if you got gobbled up too quickly. 

MIRAI: What’s that supposed to mean? I just told you I don’t watch scary movies!

KITSUNE: Yes, but you have heard of them. So I’d put your imagination to the test and get ready for what you’re going to witness in town. Goodbye, little mouse, I hope I’ll see you again.

SFX: (The Kitsune disappears with a poof.)

MIRAI: Wait! You can’t just leave!… And what exactly am I supposed to do with this mask?!

SFX: (Mirai just stands there at the bus station wondering what to do next… “Proserpina Bop” plays.)


NEXT SCENE: (The gang is still in the park after the huge fight with the aswangs.) 

DOG: (gasp) Jessica!! It’s been so long!

ALINA: This is Jessica? Oh my gosh, I didn’t think we’d meet so soon.

DREW: Did you see how she just blew all the Aswang away with fire? Ugh, why are all the people in this park crazy strong?

JESSICA: It’s been so long since I’ve met humans in the park! Hi, I’m Jessica.

ALINA: Oh, um, hi, I’m Alina. These are my friends, uh, Drew and Jun. And obviously, you know Dog.

JESSICA: Yes! Dog, it’s been so long, where have you been all these years?

DOG: You wouldn’t believe the adventure I’ve had. 

JUN: Um… she’s over here.

JESSICA: Oops, silly me. You’d think after all these years I’d have figured it out by now. 

ALINA: Oh, do you… have the same… condition as Sam? Loss of sense around creatures or something?

JESSICA: Yes, you know so much. We should chat, it’s been a while since I’ve been to the park, something tells me, you have all the answers. 

ALINA: Well, you know, we really don’t know that much. We’d love to know any advice you’re willing to give.

JESSICA: Oh, well like I said, it has been a while, but hopefully, I can help! Let’s see, the obvious things are: stay away from the waters, stay away from the mountains, and stay away from the woods. (pause) Wow, this park is pretty dangerous, isn’t it?

DREW: (laughs) Yeah, uh, we’ve learned that the hard way…

JESSICA: Next thing you’ll tell me is that you’ve already met Terry.

ALINA: Well…

JESSICA: Really?

JUN: They were actually just here. Uh, you missed them by like… half an hour? 

JESSICA: Well then, you have certainly been busy.

DOG: Jessica, I could say the same for you. I also saw Sam, although it was a rather… short reunion. Where have you been?

JESSICA: Oh, you know, here and there. Had to adjust to some new changes. But things are looking up, so I’ll be back in this park regularly now.

DOG: That’s great! It can be just like old times.

JESSICA: Well, almost, like old times.

DOG: Join our group! It may not be the same, but everyone here is really nice.

JESSICA: Dog. I’m not here to play nice, not anymore. Sorry, that sounded quite rude. Let me clarify, I’m here for business, not pleasure. 

MUSIC: (“False Alarm” plays.)

DOG: Um a-actually, Jessica?

JUN: What “business” is there to do in the park?

JESSICA: Oh, well I’m sure as you all know, there’s a certain balance that needs to be maintained in the park…  Although maybe you should stick to the little guys for now. 

DREW: Hey, we would have made it if Cerberus had stayed a little bit longer…

JESSICA: That’s unlike Sam, leaving anyone behind…

DREW: That’s because it was Terry…

JESSICA: Oooh, classic Terry. 

ALINA: So, um how do you all know each other?

DOG: Um, you know…

JESSICA: It’s a long story. We met in college. (Pauses to think it over) Actually… that wasn’t long at all, was it? One day we saw Sam disappear in front of our very eyes on some random sidewalk and we just knew we had to follow him. The rest was history. 

DOG: Okay, you know what, I think that’s enough questions. 

ALINA: Wow, when did all that happen? And what happened from then to now?

DOG: Guys!

ALINA: Oh, sorry, I-I got a little too excited.

JESSICA: I’d be happy to tell you everything, but it’d be great if I could have a moment with Dog first? Would that be all right?

DOG: Yes, I’d like that.

ALINA: No problem, we’ll just be right over here!— Guys!

DREW: Oh, meeting time.

ALINA: Okay, she seems nice, but something feels off. Do we still think she’s the one that attacked the guy on the forum?

JUN: Whoa, I think that’s a bit of a leap. I mean, we just met her, we can’t accuse her of attempted murder. Plus, why would Dog and my brother be friends with someone like that?

ALINA: That’s the question, isn’t it?

DREW: I don’t know, I feel like Jessica is way more willing to give information about the park. Everyone else seems to avoid telling us too much. Like we’re still outsiders or something. I mean at least she seems to understand our curiosity. 

ALINA: Oh yeah… you know, maybe if we play our cards right, we can get some more information and keep an eye on her at the same time.

JUN: Let’s ask Dog what she thinks about Jessica… Ooh, what do you guys think they’re talking about over there? It looks heated.

DOG: (from the side) What were you thinking Jessica?!

ALINA: Oh… Let’s go check on them.

SFX: The gang walks over to rejoin Dog and Jessica.

DREW: Hey buddies, everything okay over here?

JESSICA: Yeah, Dog is just being a bit… overbearing of my current situation. It’s fine. Nothing she can do about it anyways. 

Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but it is quite late, or quite early depending on how you view it, so I’ll say my good nights and good mornings here. 

ALINA: Oh, let me give you my number just in case…

JESSICA: Uh, you guys got a lighter in that “survivor gear” you all are carrying?

JUN: We should, yeah.

JESSICA: Just light it. If I’m in the park, I’ll notice it. 

DREW: Dang, when can we get that kinda skill?

DOG: Those “skills” are a monkey’s paw at best. It’s not something to be impressed by. 

JESSICA: Right… Stay safe.

SFX: (Jessica leaves.)

JUN: What was that all about Dog?

DOG: What do you mean?

ALINA: You were so happy to see Jessica but then you like… were kinda harsh with her.

DOG: (sighs) I just… I don’t agree with any of the recent life choices she’s made. I’m sure you noticed as well, but yeah, she has the same condition as Sam.

DREW: Okay… but that still doesn’t explain why she was able to produce a freaking flamethrower out of nowhere!

DOG: Well it seems the reason why Jessica was able to do all those amazing things today, is because she is working with a jinn. That’s how she’s able to get around in the park without being in danger. 

ALINA: A jinn? Is that like making a deal with a devil?

DOG: Yes and no. While not all jinns are devils, some devils are jinns. And it’s hard to tell what kind of jinn Jessica is consorting with.

JUN: But I didn’t see any creature with her.

DOG: Well that’s because you’re not supposed to. The word “jinn” literally means to hide or adapt. And depending on when and where their story is told, they can do all that and a whole lot more. 

DREW: Wait… Jinn, like genies and stuff? Nice!

ALINA: Jessica has a genie on her side?! Well, no wonder we can’t compete…

JUN: Hey! There’s nothing wrong with our lion dogs!

SFX: Lion dogs goofing around. 

DOG: Well, they’re not really genies. Well at least, not the genies that you’re thinking of. 

ALINA: What do you mean?

MUSIC: (“Playful Peril” plays.)

DOG: Where to begin… Well, first, just clear your mind of any ideas you currently have of genies. It’s just a Westernized version of the word jinn to help make stories easier to tell since they come from the East. 

Because of how varied these stories are, it’s best to say that the word jinn or genies is a classification, not like a specific creature, like all the different aswangs that nearly tried to kill us a little while ago. 

Depending on when and where the stories are told, as well as if they were ancient or modern times, they could be in the same category with angels and demons, or a class all their own. 

Some say that they’re just superhumans, who hunt and sleep just like all of us, with just some added super strength and whatnot. Others say they are vengeful spirits that you need to watch out for and pray you never have to deal with. 

ALINA: So where did the current assumptions of jinns come from? Like the wishes and whatnot.

DOG: Oh I mean, well it’s true there are stories of them granting wishes, but just to be clear, I know I’m hyping jinns up to be dangerous creatures, which they are, but some jinns can be friendly and some are happy to even help a human out. The issue is that you never know what kind of jinn you’re dealing with until it’s too late. 

SFX: (A fisherman is on a boat.)

DOG: For example, there was once a poor fisherman, who could never seem to catch anything to feed his family or sell at the market. One day while he was fishing, he finds a sealed jar from Solomon. And inside it, is of course, an ifrit. The worst kind of jinn you can encounter. 

This jinn had waited for four hundred years for someone to free him, and because of that, all that was left was his anger. (SFX: boiling pot) So instead of granting wishes, he told the fisherman to choose how he would die. 

JUN: But it’s totally not like it was the fisherman’s fault that he opened it! It was too late! He cou–  Nobody could have known!

DOG: Don’t worry, don’t worry Jun, I promise this has a happy ending.

The fisherman, thinking on his feet, asks to see one last trick before he dies, a sort of, mercy, if you will. He asks to see how the jinn could even fit in that tiny bottle in the first place, and the jinn agrees to show him. (SFX: ding ding ding) The minute the jinn returned to the bottle, the fisherman quickly placed the seal back over it so that the jinn was once again stuck. (SFX: whirlwind sound, then bottle popping) 

ALINA: Wait, isn’t this what happens in Aladdin?

DREW: Yeah, um. I’m pretty sure they took some artistic liberties with that movie.

DOG: But that’s not all! Now that the situation had switched, the jinn pleaded with the fisherman to be released, saying that he would do anything to be free once more.

JUN: Wow, that jinn really has no shame, huh?

ALINA: To be fair, I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a jar for four hundred years either.

DOG: The jinn ends up showing the fisherman a magical pond where he could catch fish (SFX: splash) and told him to bring those fish to the sultan for a reward that will change his life forever. Long story short, thanks to the fisherman’s quick thinking, both the jinn and the fisherman were able to live happily ever after. (SFX: Cheering and money)

SFX: (The show returns to the park atmosphere.)

ALINA: Uh, well, that wasn’t too bad… 

DOG: Well, maybe, depending on how you think of it. He did almost die after all. Regardless while Jessica is as smart as that fisherman, one can never be too careful around a jinn. I’m worried she’s bitten off more than she can chew. The tables could turn on her at any moment. Even now, people blame mental health issues on jinns just like they do with demons in Christianity. 

DREW: Well, Jessica’s your friend and she seems knowledgeable about the park, so hopefully, that means she did her research too. 

DOG: Hopefully… But Jessica is also the kind of person who will do whatever it takes to win.

JUN: You know who that sounds like Drew: Alina.

DREW: Yeah, totally Alina, totally Alina!

ALINA: Hey! I’ll take that as a compliment for now. 

MUSIC: (“Park in Twilight” Piano theme plays.)

DREW: Well, regardless, Jessica is right. We’ve been at the park for a while. We should get out and regroup. Sam could be here tomorrow, right?

ALINA: Oh yeah! That’s the deal we made with Terry.

DOG: Then let’s go back and get some sleep. Tomorrow’s going to be another long day.


NEXT SCENE: (Mirai makes it to a hotel room.)

MIRAI: Okay, finally situated in an inn. I’ll take a look around the town tomorrow, but so far, I haven’t seen anything that Kitsune said to beware of. The town looks completely normal! I mean, got a couple of stares, but it’s probably because I’m the new person in town. Anyways, hopefully, that means it’ll be easy to find Jun-nii here. I mean, it’s a really small town. Where on earth could he be hiding? 


CREDITS: Residents of Proserpina Park is a production written and produced by Angela Yih. Directed by Angela Yih. The voice of Mirai is Vida Shi. The voice of the Kitsune is Maddie Shallan. The voice of Alina is Angela Yih. The voice of Drew is Ashley Dawson. The voice of Jun is Ben Pollizi. The voice of Dog is Sara Roncero-Menendez. The voice of Jessica is Jess Syratt. The voice of Terry is Molly. And the voice of Sam is G3.

Dialogue editing by Angela Yih. Mixed and mastered by Angela Yih. Script edited by Sara Roncero-Menendez. Original music by Hoa Pham. Season 3 cover art by Molly James. Series Logo by Macy Tang. For more information about the show, please go to our website residentsofproserpinapark.com 

AFTER CREDIT SCENE: (Terry and Sam discuss what to do next.)

TERRY: So… what do you think?

SAM: I can’t believe Alina’s caused this much chaos in the park just to find me.

TERRY: She’s tenacious, I’ll give you that. And so are her friends. 

SAM: And we’ve confirmed this Jun, isn’t the Jun that we know?

TERRY: Trust me, it’s not him. Cerberus would have recognized him and they didn’t. Plus… he’s spoken to the creatures. His senses are all intact.

SAM: He really did have a twin…

TERRY: So… what are you going to do? Are you going to see her tomorrow?

SAM: (sighs) Well, it looks like I better return before she causes any more trouble in the park.

TERRY: (sighs) You’ve always had a soft spot for weirdos.

SAM: Hey, that includes you too, you know.

TERRY: I know, I know.


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