Sam’s Day Off

As we prep for the release of season three, we're excited to share bonus content from the previous season! This is a compilation of what Sam has been doing while casually missing in the last season. Find the transcript on our website.Sam’s Day Off was produced and edited by Angela Yih. Voiced by Angela Yih, G3, Molly, and Ashley Dawson. Original music by Hoa Pham. Series logo by Macy Tang. Season cover art by Molly James.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:


Sam is having a nightmare.

ALINA: (dream echo-y memory) Sam, what’s going on? You’re scaring me. Sam, Sam–  


SFX: (Sam wakes up from a nap.)

SAM: Huh? Oh Terry. You scared me.

TERRY: You were tossing and turning like crazy. Figured you’d rather be awake at this point. 

SAM: Yeah… thanks.

TERRY: What were you dreaming about?

SAM: (sighs) It was Alina. I think… I think for some reason I feel guilty.

TERRY: Guilty for what? From what you told me, she’s the one who broke your trust.

SAM: Yeah, but it’s not like I gave her a lot of reasons to trust me either. 

TERRY: Sam… (sigh) You need to take a break from the park. I already told my father that I’d walk Cerberus for a bit.

SAM: (Nervous) Are you sure? Did he ask any questions?

TERRY: I just said you’re busy with work right now. It’s been a while since I’ve been up there anyways.

SAM: Thanks Terry. I know it can get dangerous if you stay in the park for too long…

TERRY: (Scoffs) What is she going to do? Kill me? Then she’d be stuck with me for six months out of the year and she knows it.

SAM: (laughs) You’re the only person I know who’s guaranteed to live a long life because your stepmother never wants to see you.

TERRY: Which means you need to live just as long as me, Sam. Now go outside and do something! Can’t believe I’m the one who has to tell you this. 


Drew is working at the cafe when Sam unknowingly bumps into them. 

DREW: Next! (pause) I said next!

SAM: Oh! Sorry, I didn’t mean to zone out like that. Uh, shoot. I didn’t really get a chance to look at the menu.

DREW: (Sigh) Listen, I know everyone has off days, but there’s a huge line behind you.

SAM: Right, again sorry about that. I’ll have… uhh

DREW: How about an earl gray?

SAM: Huh?

DREW: You strike me as someone who drinks coffee black, which I appreciate, but you also look like you haven’t slept in a week, so let’s get you off caffeine and onto something more subtle. Next one’s on the house if you don’t like the tea. 

SAM: Thanks. I guess I do look like I…look like a bit of a mess, huh?

DREW: Yeah but it’s fine. I’m used to coffee addicts who need to tone it down.

SAM: Really? It seems like this cafe is pretty calm.

DREW: Oh not the customers. My friend. I’ve been trying to wean her off the cold brew for awhile now.

SAM: (laughs) One of those I see.

DREW: Yup. Now what’s your name?

SAM: My… name?

DREW: For your drink?

SAM: Oh right. My name is Sam.

DREW: Great, just step to the side and someone will call out your order. By the way, uh I’m Drew, you know, for the next time.

SAM: Thanks Drew, I’ll take you up on it.

DREW: …Why do I feel like I’m forgetting something?


Terry meets up with Sam again to discuss what’s happened in the park.

TERRY: I met her recently.

SAM: Who?

TERRY: Alina, who else? Had the audacity to run right up to me. She thought I was you. 

SAM: She returned back to the park? Why? Isn’t it dangerous there now?

TERRY: Relax, I gave her a warning. But it seems like they already encountered a… situation. One of her friends looked like he was attacked by a vampire.

SAM: Was it Jun?

TERRY: It’s not him, Sam. I don’t know who he is, but he sounds way dumber than the one you know. 

SAM: How can that be though? He looks exactly like Jun.

TERRY: I don’t know. He never really told you about his family right? Maybe he has siblings. Hell, maybe he’s a twin.

SAM: He would have told me that much though… wouldn’t he?

TERRY: (sighs) I don’t know Sam. But I don’t think Alina will be coming back to the park regardless. Like I said, her friends seemed… skittish. 

SAM: What did you do?

TERRY: I only introduced them to some of my friends! Nothing wrong with showing them the reality of the park.

SAM: (Face palms) I should return to the park soon…

TERRY: Nah, not yet. There’s one more thing I need to check first.

SAM: Okay. Be safe.

TERRY: (laughs) Tell that to the other guys.


Sam returns to the cafe to get the free drink Drew promised.

DREW: Next! Oh, welcome back.

SAM: Thanks. I’m surprised you remember me.

DREW: I make sure to keep my promises. Now, what did you think about the tea? Yay or nay?

SAM: It wasn’t… half bad. Granted, it’s very different from my usual…

DREW: So you hated it. 

SAM: (laughs) Is it that obvious?

DREW: (shrugs) Most people are either coffee or tea drinkers. It’s rare to meet someone who’s both. Anyways, you look much better than last time. What can I get you?

SAM: How about an Americano?

DREW: Hot or cold?

SAM: Hot, please.

DREW: Coming right up! What was your name again?

SAM: It’s Sam.

DREW: Righhhttt.

SAM: Is something wrong with my name?

DREW: No… ironically I’ve been looking for a Sam.

SAM: Looking for a Sam? 

DREW: Yeah, right? It’s hard to explain as well, so I won’t bore you. I just thought, what are the odds that maybe you’re the one I’m looking for. 

SAM: (laughs) Is this some kind of new way to hit on someone?

DREW: Oh, no. Sorry, that sounded really inappropriate, didn’t it? 

SAM: It’s fine. I know you didn’t mean it like that. 

DREW: Thanks. Your coffee should be coming right up. 


Terry meets up with Sam again to discuss what’s happened in the park.

TERRY: (sighs)

SAM: I know that sigh. Did you talk with your dad?

TERRY: Yup. Things have somehow gotten out of hand very quickly in the park.

SAM: What happened?

TERRY: Do you want the park news or the Alina news?

SAM: She’s still going to the park?

TERRY: Yeah, she’s a tenacious one, to say the least.

SAM: Well, what does she want?

TERRY: To meet you of course. Here. (Gives Sam a USB stick) I dared her to do something and well, she came through. So, I promised I’d at least give you this. Up to you if you want to listen to it though.

SAM: She wanted me to have this?

TERRY: Anyways, there’s some more troubling news to discuss.

SAM: What is it?

TERRY: Apparently, it’s back.

SAM: It was spotted? By who?

TERRY: A Vetala. 

SAM: What did your father say?

TERRY: Well… I didn’t really mention… that there were humans in the park. So he wasn’t… exactly concerned. He said you didn’t have to walk Cerberus though if you don’t feel safe.

SAM: No, this is perfect. It’s time to finally deal with this nightmare once and for all. 

Credits: Sam’s Day Off was produced and edited by Angela Yih. Voiced by Angela Yih, G3, Molly, and Ashley Dawson. Original music by Hoa Pham. Series logo by Macy Tang. Season cover art by Molly James.

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