ASMR Campfire

As we prep for the release of season three, we're excited to share bonus content from the previous season! While ASMR Campfire has no relation to the show, the creatures we talk about were potential residents! Find the transcript on our website.ASMR Campfire was produced and edited by Angela Yih. Narrated by G3, Sara Roncero-Menedez, and Angela Yih. Original music by Hoa Pham. Series logo by Macy Tang. Season cover art by Molly James.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

Ep #1 – El Hombre del Saco

The Sack Man aka El Hombre Del Saco

There are many stories told about the Sack Man. From Spain to Haiti, to India to South Africa.

Though the name may vary, his story is always the same:

Children who are naughty will die.

El Hombre Del Saco. The man with the sack. He is an ugly old man who will steal misbehaving children away to eat them.

His story spread thanks to a true crime in Gador, Spain where an innocent boy was carried off in a sack and murdered due to the belief that the blood of a child could cure tuberculosis.

From there gave birth to the name of the boogeyman.

Children from around the world are warned with just one message: Behave, or die.

Ep #2 –  Adze

Adze, the Most Dangerous Firefly

Most children love warm summer nights, catching fireflies in fields, but one needs to keep an eye out for the Adze.

The Adze is known throughout the regions of Ghana and Togo.

Typically appearing as a small firefly, the Adze will creep into houses and suck the blood of innocent people. If bitten, one can also fall sick and die, mirroring the reality of mosquitos that transmit malaria. 

However, the Adze can also appear human, especially when cornered. They’ll hide in plain sight, forming part of society and possessing others to become witches in order to torment the towns they live in. 

There is no way to defeat the Adze, so beware. Beware the glowing lights at night. 

Ep #3 – Ghoul

The Forgotten History of the Ghoul 

The ghoul is one of the most popular creatures, often referenced in our favorite spooky songs and stories. However, do you truly know what a ghoul, or ghūl is? Odds are, you probably don’t know the true horror that lurks behind the name. 

These frightening fiends can be found in Arabic stories, known to haunt burial grounds. Stories vary depending on the tale, but one thing is certain: seeing one will be your doom.

Some consider them as a type of Jinn; creatures that can shapeshift, usually into hyenas or women to lure people in. Others think of them as undead monsters, always looking for another meal.

Regardless, their stories were spread far and wide, always creating fear wherever they went, eventually becoming the familiar Halloween staple we hear today. 

Ep #4 – Gashadokuro

Gashadokuro, the Starving Skeleton.

While the internet may have fallen in love with a certain large skeleton, Japan knows the true terror of this chattering, boney beast. 

A Gashadokuro is created when a mass grave of spirits are unable to pass on due to the anger they felt when dying, typically formed by victims of war or famine. This intense emotion causes their bones to gather and form one giant skeleton. 

They hunt any who dare wander at night, crushing them with their hands or biting off their heads to appease their rage. The only way to know that one of these behemoths is coming is to listen for the rattling of their teeth and bones. 

There is no way to stop this massive monster, but to wait for the day their souls find peace. 

Ep #5 – Yara-Ma-Yha-Who

Yara-Ma-Yha-Who, the Australian Vampire

Some believe the only thing you should beware  are the fangs of a vampire. 

But most don’t know the story of the Yara-Ma-Yha-Who.

In stories told by the aboriginals in Australia, these vampires are master trappers. 

They lay in wait, preying on innocent travelers resting by fig trees, as they not only suck out their blood but also swallow the person whole. 

Though this won’t kill someone, the victim will be vomited out, smaller and weaker than before. If you can’t escape, you’ll once again be attacked, slowly and slowly turning into a Yara-Ma-Yha-Who as well.

Next time you rest by a tree in the outback, be sure to look out for these small red creatures, waiting to strike. 


ASMR Campfire was produced and edited by Angela Yih. Voiced by G3, Sara Roncero-Menendez, and Angela Yih. Original music by Hoa Pham. Series logo by Macy Tang. Season logo by Molly James.

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